Tower Medical

Now you can have your 'one stop' service solution from the design to manufacture and maintenance of rubber mould tools for the Medical industry and achieve results in reverse engineering techniques.

You benefit from a complete suite of mould tools and associated jigs, fixtures and CMM reports. From compression tools, transfer tools to injection tools, Tower's craftsmanship delivers the results; we also have full subcontract manufacturing capability with CNC milling, milling, turning, surface grinding, spark erosion.

You will find that Tower is not the cheapest and a long way from being the most expensive, yet we do deliver. We are honest about what we can and cannot do, which saves valuable time for all involved. If we cannot help we invite you to leave your details with us, so we can find someone who can.

Tower gives you all the capabilities of a world class toolmaker, being able to complete large projects at low cost and within good lead times, but without the premium price.

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