Tower Tool Co. Ltd. is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of rubber mould tools for the aerospace industry.

Our expert services include:

  • The manufacture of suites of mould tools and jigs for the production of Passenger Entry Door Seals, Thrust Reverser Seals, Pylon Seals, Fire Seals, Annulus Filler Seals, Leading Edge Seals, Trailing Edge Seals and all other aspects of Airframe Seals.
  • The manufacture of Cold cure rubber mouldings for prototype development.
  • Short lead time and critical delivery supply.
  • Rubber-to-metal mould toolmaking
  • Technical consultancy
  • Product Design
  • Technical supporting documentation up to FAIR for new designs.

Our clients are some of the biggest names in the Aerospace sector. We are proud to offer the same high level of service and expertise to smaller organiseations developing or introducing a new product.

  • Compression Moulds:
    • Most cost effective tooling for a given application due to its simple construction.
    • Useful for prototype moulding and low volume production.
  • Transfer Moulds:
    • Simplest form of injection mould using a pot, piston and transfer ports.
    • Transfer moulds allow for complicated component geometries.
    • Excellent for rubber to metal bonded parts.
  • Injection Moulds:
    • Allow quicker cycle times and high volume production.
Tower Tool Co. Ltd. company can also offer the manufacture of jigs, fixtures, patterns and formers for other ancillary operations such as post-curing jigs, checking fixtures, dipping formers etc.


In House 3-D Tool Design capability using AUTOCAD, DELCAM POWERSHAPE and SOLIDWORKS. Our fuly integrated I.T. systems allow the import of your part CAD design directly into our CAD system, enabling tool design and subsequent manufacture. We also offer cmm inspection, by a third party, of the completed tool (or moulded part) checked to the original CAD model.


Our fully equipped toolroom is staffed by six time served toolmakers and three apprentices. We employ the full range of manual and CNC milling machines, lathes and spark eroders to produce quality tools for the rubber industry.

Compression Moulds

We specialise in 3-D compression moulds in steel or aluminium for a variety of industries but primarily Aerospace.

Transfer Moulds

We have the capacity to manufacture Steel Transfer Moulds up to ton in weight suitable for moulding larger components or rubber-to-metal bonded components.

Injection Moulds

Also up to one ton in weight, we can manufacture injection mould tools (single or multi-cavity) to suit a variety of price types.

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